Imagine a world where your employees’ development is managed by their own data, and they can access the training they need to improve their skills anytime they want.

That’s what Attain is working toward. With Attain, your employees get direct access to skills development through a Software solution that reduces the time it takes HR/Management to “manage” employee development.

At Attain, we believe your employees should be able to learn and grow in a way explicitly tailored to their requirements.

That’s why we created a tailored learning experience designed to provide direct access to employees to training and development generated from their own anonymised data.

Have you ever considered what makes a high-performing member of your finance team so good at their role? Their risk-averse nature may be the very trait that ensures exact financial management. Still, when it comes to having a face-to-face conversation with the sales department on this month’s figures, their risk-averseness may be the very reason this conversation gets avoided.

Our technology can direct your financial professional to the ‘assertive communication’ training that will support them in tackling any conversations head on…..
….and suggest the ‘attention to detail’ exercises for your sales team!