Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

Life coaching, like all coaching, is a focus on the future, your future. Considering what it is that you would like for your future my role as your coach is to support you in deciding on or defining these goals while guiding and supporting you to attaining them. 

Whether you have a specific goal already in mind a general idea of what you'd like to achieve or just an interest in personal development, we will work together to establish your aims and plan on how to get you there. 

 I specialise in helping people understand themselves a little deeper which helps to establish what might be holding you back but also how you can utilise your innate strengths and traits to attain your goals.   

Is coaching for you?

The best way to understand whether life coaching could benefit you is to book a discovery session. Discovery sessions are free 20-30min phone calls, where I can answer any specific questions you have and allow you to decide whether life coaching is the right fit for you. 

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