Organisational Coaching

With an aim to improve both individual and team performance organisational coaching supports the business from the people’s perspective in order to have a positive impact on the fiscal. Aoife supports your employee’s in understanding themselves and others a little deeper, helping them identify and utilise their innate traits to attain their goals in line with your company objectives.  


  • Interview support;  prep/sit-in/team debrief
  • Tailored support to HR/L&D/Senior management in people management in; succession planning, corporate structure, and performance management and development 
  • Application, management of and training in psychometric tools and assessments in the areas of; emotional intelligence, personality, behaviours – see ‘psychometrics’ for further details 


Bespoke training sessions in emotional intelligence, behavioural, personality-based management training created in line with company objectives


For enquires related to any of the above, please use the contact form below:

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